I dare you!

I dare you, usually the three words that predicated some of my worst life decisions, but in times much like this one those three words have also been the catalyst for moving my indecisive butt forward. That is where Poppiopushover was born; in that simple dare that I gave myself to move forward and get busy doing instead of dreaming. Awhile back my kids and I (I will get to them later) were at an airport waiting for a flight when my youngest son asked me to walk to the gift shop with him, being the industrious child he is he thought that if he showed me what he wanted and gave me his best persuasive sales pitch that he would probably win out…And of course he did, so when we got back to the other two kids my teenage daughter aptly coined my new name Poppiopushover (actually the full moniker is Poppio potty mouth pushover, but again I ‘ll talk about that later). The dare came later from their mom when she suggested I should blog under that pseudonym and now almost a year later here I am. Don’t worry I’m not going to write about being an easy mark or letting kids have their way with you but rather quite the opposite. I am very proud of my nickname because let’s face it there are far worse ones to have but really what makes me the most proud is the relationship I have with my kids that fosters that kind of communication and trust. That is really the essence of my work here, my kids are far past poopy diapers and saying the darnedest things, as teens and tweens they must face down drugs, sex and bullying to name a few and unfortunately they have to do this outside of the protective gaze of us, their parents. So through the lens of poppiopushover I am examining what it means to be a dad of teenagers and how to support them on this journey. That’s my dare, to be the father that doesn’t judge, preach or manipulate but rather leads and loves openly and honestly always preserving dignity and respect for all of us. Go ahead join the movement, I dare you!


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