10 Things I know

10 Things I know:

1.)           My experience is mine and I own it

      I am 100%responsible for my life and everything in it

2.)          The past does not equal the future

      I surrender to the past and choose to live in the present

3.)         Whatever I believe I will achieve

4.)         Nothing is so broke it can’t be fixed or so dirty it can be cleaned up

5.)         Happiness and joy are now

     If I can’t be happy in this moment, nothing I can have, want or need will ever make me happy

6.)         Excellence is a habit, nothing more

     Therefore I can cultivate it daily through practice and discipline

7.)        I will persist until I succeed

Honor, grace, courage and humility are all gained through perseverance

8.)         Today must be lived as it is my last

By living in this manner nothing will be taken for granted

9.)         My life is fulfilling when I am living with intention and on purpose

10.)      Mastery is to do my duty, not to strive with anyone

This is the foundation for one of my programs I offer to teens titled “Its your life; 10 things you need to know” . I initially designed and implemented this program several years ago for young professionals I was mentoring and developing for roles in leadership and management. I later applied these teachings to my own parenting more as a guidepost to help me ensure I was talking to my kids in a way that promoted the behaviors needed to sustain them on their own paths. Honestly these ten thoughts have probably done me more good than anyone else as they are constant reminder to me to stay on purpose and focus only on the things I have control over.



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