For Isabel

270288_188814937841313_100001384252896_544466_4572224_nThis is for Isabel

Today you turn 16, and honestly it’s hard for me to believe. Like so many things in our life we never know how much we needed something until we have it and then we wonder how we got along without it. I have to tell you every day of your 16 years has been that way for me, it’s been so amazing watching you become the person you are. I am literally filled with pride in knowing maybe I have played a role in that.

I remember many years ago taking you to the park with your bike and the first time you took off on your own, I knew you could do it and I knew that if I encouraged you enough you would, I also knew that for you to go I had to let go of the bike myself to let you succeed. That is what I’m feeling today. The letting go is the hardest part.

Today I want you to know that I will always be your biggest fan and you will always be my girl, no matter how many birthdays pass. I also want you to know that life is limitless and the only that stops us is us. I always try to teach you no regrets and while there may be a few days in life I would like to have back I wouldn’t change anything from what it is today.

You are an amazing young lady who has insight and wisdom of a much older soul but yet the playfulness of a bright eyed child, don’t ever let that go. Remember that line from Mary Poppins that I always say…”Anything can happen if you let it”. Never let anyone tell you differently and believe me they will try.

I know as days pass the letting go will continue and you will blossom more and more. I want you to know more than anything else that there will be times when you take off and there will be times you fall off the bike don’t stop getting back on the seat and know that I will always be a step behind to encourage you yet again to keep moving forward. Happy Birthday, all my love… Dad


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